Back Yard Songs – Spring 2013

Back Yard Songs was an idea that’s been bubbling under for quite some time now. One of the things that has always fascinated us about traditional music is that although it’s generally sorted by national boundaries, in fact it is infinitely local with quirky little tunes and stories originating from the smallest of villages.

Add to that the fact that as gigging musicians we spend half of our lives on the road going from town to town, but never staying in one place long enough to really get a good feel for the local music, dance and customs of that area and we came to the conclusion that we could only really do both things at once if we got you lot to help us out!

So that’s what we’re asking for essentially, your intimate knowledge of the traditions of where you live, music from your back yard. At we have set up a map showing the 30 gigs in England & Wales (plus 3 in Holland – although our Dutch is a bit rusty!). If you click on the gig nearest to you it takes you to a page where you can add your comments and suggestions of what local material you’d like to see us play at that gig. If you’ve got a link to an audio or video clip then that would also be fantastic. It could be a song from the town or surrounding area, or one that mentions the town, it could be a dance tune from nearby or even stories/plays from the area … the more the merrier!

Also – we’re looking for suggestions for local acts who can contribute to the evening’s entertainment at any of the tour venues – again, anything which showcases the music, dance or folk-arts of the area and gives the show a more local flavour would be brilliant.

The tour will take place in April & May 2013 and culminates at the home of English Folk Music, Cecil Sharp House on Sat 25th May where we hope to showcase our favourite pieces of music from where the tour has taken us as well as music from the capital.

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